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Tiny Tots Room / 0-2 Years Nursery


We offer stimulating play-based learning activities based on the needs and interests of each child. This approach inspires a love for learning which will shape the way they learn at school and beyond. We offer a safe and nurturing environment to help every child grow and thrive, the team pride ourselves on ensuring each and every child feels as if we are their home away from home.

At Footprints Child Care Centre our open curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Within our 0-2 Years Old Nursery Room we provide a range of learning experiences combined with comfort and care which encourages learning through play and learning in the development of the 5 Outcomes of the framework: Having a strong sense of identity; Connecting with and contribute to their world, Having a strong sense of wellbeing; Being confident and involved learners; Being effective communicators

Through the 5 Outcomes above, our program incorporates a variety of experiences in order to develop our Tiny-Tots children’s skills including: Talking and Listening; Communicating and interacting; Developing a routine (Learning, Playing, Feeding, Sleeping); Developing gross motor and self-help skills (Walking, Crawling); The day is divided between indoor and outdoor play where the children fulfil their curiosity as they explore and discover the world around them.

We endeavour to ensure we hit these milestones by providing the appropriate amount of tummy time, sensory play, activity boards, physical play, and language development.

Each experience set up for each child will be natural and challenging to encourage growth and stimulation.


  • Talking and Listening
  • Communicating and interacting
  • Developing a routine (Learning, Playing, Feeding, Sleeping)
  • Developing gross motor and self-help skills (Walking, Crawling)


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