Busy Bees

Busy-Bee’s / 3-5 Years Preschoolers


This Preschool Program is developed weekly by a highly qualified educator and our Preschool teacher that has completed a University Degree in Master of Teaching (Birth to 5 years).

Our Busy-Bee’s Preschool Program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) where we provide a range of learning experiences combined with comfort and care which encourages learning through play and assists in development: Having a strong sense of identity; Connecting with and contribute to their world; Having a strong sense of well-being; Being confident and involved learners; Being effective communicators.

The Busy Bee’s Preschool Program prepares our pre-schoolers through daily school readiness experiences as we endeavour to make each child’s transition to school a positive and efficient process.

Throughout the year meaningful experiences will be implemented. These experiences cover a wide range of subjects & topics including: Families, Friends & Communities; Diversity, Respect, Culture, Indigenous Heritage & Identity; Our World, Sustainability, Appreciation, Nature, Animals & the Environment; Science, Design/Build, Experimentation & Problem Solving; Cooperation, Identity, Confidence & Emotions; Physical Activity, My Body, Health & Safety; Positive Relationships, Manners & Courtesy; Art, Creativity, Visual Expression, Design & Imagination; Music and Its Elements, Movement & Creative Expression; Self-help, Independence & Life skills; Meaningful Communication (talk/listen/respond), Instruction & Language; Literacy (Pre Reading, Pre Writing &Conversation); Mathematics, Currency, Time & Numeracy; Symbolism, Patterns & Memory; Geography, History, Local National & International News; Informative Technology, Communicative Media, Natural & Processed Materials; General – Day, Week, Month, Year, Weather, Seasons etc.

Footprints educators strive to ensure each of these topics are covered during the year ensuring to challenge each individual child, having a daily group time which lasts up to 40 minutes includes the days of the week, month and weather. We encourage families and the community to become involved, offering to share own experiences, suggesting places to visit, or involvement for incursions.


  • Having a strong sense of identity
  • Connecting with and contribute to their world
  • Having a strong sense of well-being
  • Being confident and involved learners
  • Being effective communicators


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