Our Authentic Menus

All food prepared for the children is fresh and made by our Qualified Chef. Our amazing Chef prepares everything on premises. Our chef knows each child’s needs and wants by closely observing what the children like, dislike and constantly communicates to the families ensuring that we incorporate the families diverse dishes on a weekly basis so the children have a sense of belonging at Footprints. Meal times is used to educate children in such a way that encourages them to practice serving themselves, discussing healthy eating and dental hygiene which prepares them for the future.

The centre’s qualified chef along with all the centre’s educators and management, comply with all relevant food preparation, handling legislation and guidelines. The Centre supports and follows the Australian Dietary Guidelines for children and adolescents and the Australian Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Diet Pyramid.

At Footprints Child Care Centre we acknowledge that eating healthy and nutritious meals helps young children grow and enjoy good health. Healthy eating habits are crucial for cognitive and physical development. Establishing good eating habits in early years provides a good foundation for healthy eating habits to continue through to adulthood. Healthy eating habits learnt in childhood can also reduce the risks of diseases such as diabetes, iron deficiency, dental caries, anaemia and obesity.

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The meals provided meet the 50% recommended daily intakes for children in long day care centres:

Three Serves

Two Serves

Three Serves

One Serves

Half a Serve

Examples of a serve:

Bread & Cereals = 1 slice of bread & ½ cup of cooked pasta

Fruit & Vegetables = 1 small apple & ½ cup of cooked raw vegetables & ¼ dried fruit

Meat & Alternatives = 40g lean meat, fish, chicken or ½ cup cooked legumes

Milk & Dairy = ½ cup whole milk,100g yoghurt, 15g of cheese

Fats & Oils = 1 tablespoon oil.