About Us

I Christina Nano took over Footprints Child Care Centre on the 2nd September 2013, this business is a family run centre.

My aim when taking over was to build a centre where children, families and members of the team felt at home.


Coming from a very family orientated household, I know firsthand how much family means thus resulting in me becoming business partners with my father Nagi Bushara. Nagi was soon diagnosed with Cancer and passed away in 2016. His short time at Footprints showed me just how valuable our time with our loved ones is.


Over the years I have strived for a centre filled with love, happiness and warmth which is sensed when walking into Footprints.


Footprints made my dream come true. I pride myself on continuing to establish Footprints into the compassionate, caring and friendly centre that it is. I’ve always known as a child that caring for children was always for me, my journey led me to complete my Masters of Early Childhood Degree, graduating in 2012. Organise a visit with us and see how much genuine care and love there is in our centre.

Christina Nano - Owner/Director/Preschool Teacher

As an Early Childhood Teacher and the Approved Provider I strive to create a positive, caring room environment where the academic, emotional, social and moral development of each child is fostered and encouraged. I seek to promote an appreciation of the values and needs of others by encouraging students to take responsibility, be committed to learning, have tolerance and cooperate with others.

Recognises their unique individuality, stimulates, challenges and encourages “being, belonging and becoming” facilitates their co-operation and active involvement; and fosters their independence and self-confidence.

Above all, I aspire to create a learning environment where each child can achieve his or her personal best in all areas.